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What makes Energon different from other solar companies?


Energon is different for three reasons. First, we do not charge you for the solar system. Second, we generate clean power and provide it to you at a lower rate than you are currently paying. Third, we provide the best quality with the shortest installation time period in the solar industry.


Why now?


Thanks to funds invested by large companies, solar technology advances and our

unique service offering you can go solar without paying a penny for the system.


What is a Power Purchase Agreement/PPA?


A PPA is an agreement between you and your new power company. We provide and pay for the equipment, maintenance, and insurance. You simply pay for the power your panels produce at a guaranteed lower rate than your local utility provider.


What if I move?

The solar panels stay on your roof along with the less expensive energy. Several studies have shown that having the solar system increases the value of your home and helps it sell faster.


How long does it take?


From the first time you meet with the energy consultant to install is about a month

depending on local permitting and ordinances.


Is this too good to be true?


No, this is not too good to be true. You now can receive less expensive, clean energy created directly from your rooftop.


What about my roof?


Energon provides ALL customers a free roof warrantee for ANY damage caused by the solar system. In addition the panels shield against the sunrays to prevent roof degradation 


About how much will I save?


Depending on your local utility and how much energy you use, most customers save at least 20% today and save more each year.


How do I get started?


A local energy consultant will work with you to answer all your questions and determine if you qualify for this unique, $0 down program.  Once qualified, our Engineering Department will provide you with a custom design for your home.